The Brothers

“We both grew up eating Gumbo, PoBoys, Beignets, Shrimp, and Crawfish. We just assumed that everyone else did too because of how tasty those meals were. As we got older, we found out that many people in PA don’t even know what Gumbo is. Cajun Culture was formed to bring authentic Cajun food to Pennsylvania, and to show the people what they’ve been missing out on!”

Trevor Dawkins (Founder)

Executive Chef
Trevor is the youngest of the Dawkins brothers, but he can cook with the best of ’em! He spent his Summers in Picayune, Mississippi fishing, hunting, cooking, and eating Cajun food (a lot of Cajun food). Now he wants to share that experience with his customers.

Collin Dawkins (Co-Founder)

Head of Operations
Collin is the oldest of the Dawkins’ Fam. Each Summer the whole family would hop in the car and drive 18 hours from Pennsylvania, to Mississippi. That’s where his love of Beignets, Seafood, and the Southern Hospitality all started.

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